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GIF-ITI!Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Here is my latest mural collaboration with Portugal the Man and INSA under the Gif-iti filter!

FOREST FOR THE TREES 2015Friday, September 18, 2015
I just completed collaborative mural for Forest of the Trees in Portland, Oregon alongside UK artist INSA and Portland based artist/band super team Portugal the Man. This was one of the largest murals I have undertaken and I'm super happy with the results.  It was super fun working with super talented people for a super fun event now in it's 3rd year.  The wall was 17 feet high by 177 feet long.  We opted for a filmstrip type idea that rang along the wall in 12 identical diamonds.. Psychadelic radiating color pattern by INSA with a blowfish floating in space by me that rotates and expands as you travel along the wall until it ultimately pops to reveal another little blowfish in it's place.  The text is a lyric from a Portugal the Man song and the circling comet around each diamond was painted by John Gourley, the lead singer of the band.  

Traveling by train or bike along the wall gives the impression of a transformation... The entire mural lends itself to animation, so keep your eyes peeled, there may be just that in the future!

Forest for the Trees is a Portland, Oregon based non-profit project dedicated to the creation of contemporary public art in Portland. Some great photos, documentation and more information at:

My book release party was a very good time indeed.. I was finally able to give all my Portland peoples their books and say thanks in person.  Those books that I sold at the opening were all signed and I did little custom drawings in them.  I had a copy of Sketchbook out that I had everyone draw in for me.. kind of a year book type idea... Happy to see other marks than my own in that copy of Sketchbook.

Here are a couple snaps from the night.  A full set of photos can be seen here: