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PICS FROM AS ISSUED BOOK SIGNINGWednesday, November 11, 2015
Thank you to everyone that came to Costa Mesa and picked up a book or piece of art on sunday!  I was overwhelmed by the turnout and the amount of travel some of you undertook to make it for the opening.  It was a short event, but a flurry of activity.  Here are an unfortunately small amount of photos from the event.. mostly of my view buried in book signing.  The show at As Issued stays up until January 8th so if you missed the opening, you still have time to check it out!

For all you folks in Los Angeles and southern California, I'll be having a Sketchbook art show and book release! Coming up Sunday, Nov 8th at As Issued bookstore and art space in Costa Mesa, CA I'll be showing off old sketchbooks, sketch material, black and white line drawings, prints and more.. Almost all the art in the show will be basically collaged on the walls of As Issued with select works framed and hung overtop.  The show in general will be quick, dirty and free.. like SKETCHBOOK itself.. The art will be priced very affordably and will include some real gems from the past and present. 

Oh and of course we'll be selling books and I'll be signing books!

More info at

CHAMELEON GRAPHICFriday, October 30, 2015
Super pumped how this Chameleon came out for the 2016 Slingshot Reflex model.. Not much of a wakeboarder personally, but I do love working on these boards! See if you can't spot more of my graphics at