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SKETCHBOOK FLIP THROUGHSaturday, October 10, 2015
Here's a fun video of me flipping through SKETCHBOOK from back cover to front.. because why not! 8 seconds to flip through 15 years worth of sketches...

DEATH AND TAXES!Friday, October 9, 2015
I have a new print available in my shop... called DEATH +TAXES. This is a 20x32" giclee reproduction of an original painting with an edition of 50 prints.  All prints are signed and numbered and will ship with a couple 4 color Lord Overseer stickers I recently had made.  Visit my shop for more info.

GIF-ITI!Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Here is my latest mural collaboration with Portugal the Man and INSA under the Gif-iti filter!