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I have now finished up all the new work for my upcoming gallery show at Cave in LA! I'm very happy with the new body of work and I wanted to show it off in Portland before it all packed up and left town. I threw a little preview party at Get Happy Studios and hung the work for people to come have a sneak peak.. Thought I'd post a few flix of the opening to tantalize before the actual opening..

I've included one new piece from the show at the end of the post.. Hope you enjoy!

This is one of the final pieces for the show

Director of Geospatial Intelligence
22x40" smoke bomb, watercolor and acrylic on wood panel, 2014

SHADOW CABINET REPORT PART 3Wednesday, February 26, 2014
I'm a little over 2 weeks out from the opening at Cave Gallery. The body of work is really coming together now. I'd say over 80% of the painting is done.. Really just putting the finishing touches on these pieces now.. Have a look at some snaps from my studio as of late..

Shadow Cabinet opens March 15th in Los Angeles.

There is a great show up right now at Hellion Gallery in Portland this month.. Reverse Engineered is a special two part show featuring AJ FosikJsheaSouther SalazarTroy CoultermanMichael Alm and Yosakay YamamotoPart 1 will feature sculpture work from each artist at Hellion Gallery on the first Thursday of February.  For part 2, I will be curating the Antler Gallery space.  This part will feature 2d companion pieces to the sculpture work from each artist.

Hellion Opening Reception – February 13th at 6pm (show closes on 3/1)
Antler Opening Reception – February 27th at 6pm (show closes on 3/29)

I had a chance to check out the Hellion Gallery segment of this show and it was goooood....

Souther Salazar

AJ Fosik

Joe Shea

Detail of Joe Shea's piece

Detail of Souther's install..

Not sure who this is, but love these guys!

Troy Coulterman

Troy Coulterman

Troy Coulterman

Yoskay Yamamoto

Another detail of Souther's installation..

Go check this out if you can!