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This Saturday, June 20th, my studio building is hosting an Open House.  These are always a really fun time.  Over 50 artists, creatives and businesses open their studios to the public.  There are often times inpromptu classes and information sessions, tutorials, give aways and the opportunity to buy art and merchandise from the artists.  There will be live music in the building as well as free drinks and food. Very fun for the kids too so come and hang out!

Zenvironments Studio will be part of the fun of course.  I am on the top floor in studio #402.  I will be hanging out and selling prints and showing off an advance copy of Sketchbook!  Come by anytime between 4-10pm.. Hope to see you there!

I'm supercharged in announcing that I have received advance copies of Sketchbook today! That means the books are finished! They are now in the process of being packaged, crated and shipped... so the wait for full delivery is a matter of days..

I'm amazed at how fast this has all come together. I conceived the idea of Sketchbook years ago... It has been in the back of my mind since I moved to Portland 7 years ago and it wasn't until 2015, this year, that with the help of Kickstarter, I was able to finally pull the trigger on it! I launched my Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of february, it was funded by March, I had proofs by April and with any luck the final delivery of books by the end of May! Just like that, an idea that's been stewing for years has materialized in just 4 short months.

I expect the full delivery of books will happen in 2 weeks, at which time I will make them available in my shop.. Those of you who missed the Kickstarter campaign, will have your chance to get one very soon!

SKETCH PRINT IIWednesday, May 20, 2015
A new print is now available in my shop.. Sketch Print II. It is a full bleed, 3 color screenprint with split fade on speckletone paper.  Size is 18x24" with an edition of 75.  In addition, there is a variant edition of 15 with hand toned watercolor background.  Check out my shop for additional images and info.