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PUFFER WOODS!Sunday, February 7, 2016
I've been working on a fun new series I'm happy to share.  Combining my love of screen printing and my love of wood cutouts, I present the Puffer Wood series! They are screenprinted puffer fish on cut out wood 3/8" thick.  Each and every background was hand painted by me using acrylic and spray paint.  Each is a unique colorway and no two are the same.  To top it all off, an extremely low edition of 20 of these have been produced.. 

So to quickly step through the process of making these: The shapes were cut out using a C+C machine to ensure uniformity in sizing for the final screenprinting process.  Each shape I then fully sanded to remove any snaggles left from the cutting process. Multiple coats of primer were applied and then another round of sanding to make everything ultra smooth. Then I had fun splashing around watered down acrylic paint in multiple phases.  After that had set, I applied spray paint to really make the shapes pop.  The final step was screen printing them.. I'm very happy with then end result and I think you will be too!

Final size is roughly 14" in diameter.  All are signed and numbered on the back.  I affixed a hanger to the back of each, so the Puffers come ready for your way.. all you need is a nail. Plus, I'll be throwing in a handful of die cut puffers with each order!

I've released 10 in my shop site and an additional 10 over at
Have fun!

PICS FROM AS ISSUED BOOK SIGNINGWednesday, November 11, 2015
Thank you to everyone that came to Costa Mesa and picked up a book or piece of art on sunday!  I was overwhelmed by the turnout and the amount of travel some of you undertook to make it for the opening.  It was a short event, but a flurry of activity.  Here are an unfortunately small amount of photos from the event.. mostly of my view buried in book signing.  The show at As Issued stays up until January 8th so if you missed the opening, you still have time to check it out!

For all you folks in Los Angeles and southern California, I'll be having a Sketchbook art show and book release! Coming up Sunday, Nov 8th at As Issued bookstore and art space in Costa Mesa, CA I'll be showing off old sketchbooks, sketch material, black and white line drawings, prints and more.. Almost all the art in the show will be basically collaged on the walls of As Issued with select works framed and hung overtop.  The show in general will be quick, dirty and free.. like SKETCHBOOK itself.. The art will be priced very affordably and will include some real gems from the past and present. 

Oh and of course we'll be selling books and I'll be signing books!

More info at