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USA TODAY & TOMORROWWednesday, April 23, 2014
I recently received these large scale drawings back from Copenhagen.  USA Today and USA Tomorrow are both graphite and watercolor on paper.  For inquiries please email

I have a fondness for typographic maps and pretty much all things topographic in general. Having based a number of designs of late around topo lines, I decided to start playing around with painting topo maps of various sorts on panels of glass.  Layering multiple layers of glass with different topographic line elements is starting to look great right off the jump! Here is an experiment with the topography of Mt. Hood, Oregon. 

ACID PRINT SUITE NO. 2 - LSDMonday, March 31, 2014
Number 2 in the 2014 Acid Print Suite is now up in my shop!

The ubiquitous LSD has been THE go to drug within the counter culture movement for the last half century. More than any other recreational drug, LSD has helped shape the public consciousness of a generation of people living on this planet. Responsible, in part, for the explosion of art, music and alternative ways of living in the 1960s, LSD opened up an entirely new window on reality for those keyed into the drug - both creatively and spiritually.

The LSD art is dedicated to the baby boomers out there that experienced this early rush of acid firsthand. Those who used it and gleaned insight from their experiences... Those who made life changes according to what they learned and how those changes have subsequently affected their next of kin. I know that generation has long since cleaned up their acts, having respectable jobs in companies all over the world or have started their own businesses. They are now part of a global workforce.  Still, behind the degrees and certificates and professional demeanor sits a real experience in consciousness raising that somehow informed their life and ways.. And alas, baby boomers, retirement is coming and maybe it is time to visit LSD again!

This art is dedicated to Lysergic acid diethylamide...

LSD is a superb quality giclee print on archival textured heavyweight watercolor fine art paper.

size 20"x30"
edition of 50
signed and numbered

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